In case you missed the announcement, Stifler is leaving us! Well, kinda! He'll still be in the building, but not on K945. To celebrate the Stif-man, here's a ton of pictures from his time with K945 and a video from the staff here at the station!
Stifler’s “Big Announcement”
I use quotes there because in all honesty it's not THAT big of a deal. I'm hanging up my K945 headphones and walking 10 feet down the hall to start doing a show on one of our sister stations.
Stifler’s Baby Pics [PHOTOS]
So, I guess the downside to working with your big sister, is her access to the station's website AND your baby pictures. So, today, since it is my little brother's birthday, I am sharing these birthday pictures with YOU!  Some are pictures of pictures, but I was trying to not get caug…
The Sale Of Pajamas Has Seen A Spike In The SBC
In spite of recent events, the sale of pajamas has seen a spike in sales in Shreveport/Bossier City. Recently, Councilman Michael Williams proposed to outlaw the wearing pajamas in public causing a public outcry.
White Shirt Meet Chili
So this morning I get dressed and I put on Ava's favorite white shirt (for me to wear) ... I grab the left over chili from last night for my lunch ... she says "You probably shouldn't eat the chili if you are going to wear that white shirt I just don't want it ruined"…