In spite of recent events, the sale of pajamas has seen a spike in sales in Shreveport/Bossier City. Recently, Councilman Michael Williams proposed to outlaw the wearing pajamas in public causing a public outcry. Clearly, the general sales at local Wal*Mart stores and other retailers would plummet if the wearing of pajamas in public was banned. One resident of the SBC, who wishes to remain unnamed stated, "Where does it stop? PJ's first, sweats next, then our treasured yoga pants? We're clearly on a slippery slope here." This issue has become national news with the ACLU voicing their concerns as well. The Pines Road Wal*Mart in West Shreveport has seen an uptick in the sales of pajama pants, which coincidentally coincided with the announcement of 'Pajamuary,' by renegade radio station, K945. Spokespeople reported selling at least 3 pajama sets, including bottoms and tops, within minutes of the proclamation. Sources say the purchaser may have been Stifler, the leader of the Pajamuary movement on K945. That has not been confirmed. We are watching this developing story closely! To find out more on Pajamuary, please click here and keep it on K945 for further updates!