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With all of the updated COVID-19 numbers flying in from every imaginable source multiple times a day, it can be confusing.  It's safe to assume we aren't out of this crisis yet.  One new set of numbers did stand out to me, however - the new child infection numbers.

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) has been collecting data on how the Sportsman's Paradise has been handling this pandemic. Not only are we better at gathering that data, we're also getting better at reading it.  According to the ArkLaTex Homepage, one of the new revelations is that of the 3,477 new cases reported since Friday, a full 10% were under the age of 18!

On top of that, the new report revealed that 33% of the new cases are among those aged 18 to 29.  Those two age groups combined out number the number of new cases of COVID-19 infections in the greater than 70 age group.

In regards to the current stress over school starting dates, this will certainly compound the problem.  I am not sure if this will change policies and/or procedures set up in order to make schools as safe as possible when classes open up later this month (maybe), or just make the already fragile situation even worse.


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