If you ever watch Ellen, you've probably seed Sophia Grace. She's an eleven year old correspondent on the show. You may have seen her before Ellen grabbed her, she was quite the viral video star, along with her amazing cousin Rosie, before she got on television.

Now she's released a rap-track. She's like Iggy Azalea 2.0... Or considering her age & size, more like Iggy 0.5.

Her new song is called "Best Friends" and it's about.... Yep you guessed it... Her best friends.

The only question I have (and most of the internet) is WHERE THE HECK IS ROSIE?????

Rosie certainly helped her on her rise to stardom, and yet, Rosie is no where to be found in the video. Rose is her best friend, but isn't in her "Best Friends" video. Maybe there's some drama going on in kiddo-land...

Check the video!


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