It's safe to say two high school kids have the world talking. By talking, I mean shouting two words. Those words are of course..... DAMN DANIEL!

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard the phrase or said it myself, I'd be a millionaire.  Heck I even made my own #DamnDaniel video that nearly got me fired. Don't believe me? Check it out!



Anyways, as most viral sensations do, the duo behind the viral clip appeared on Ellen. There, fore the first time, we got to meet the dudes behind the madness. Daniel Lara is of course the star of the clip (and his white vans). His friend, Josh Holz, was the voice that magically captured the phrase "Damnnnn Daniel, back at it again with the white vans!"

You know Ellen wasn't going to let them leave empty-handed, so she hooked them both up in an amazing way! She gave Daniel a lifetime supply of white vans, and Josh received a sick surfboard covered in #DamnDaniel artwork.

Ellen even got her own #DamnDaniel Vine!



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