It's 2018. That headline should not surprise you.

Social media is magical sometimes, isn't it? One minute your grandma is airing your dirty laundry for the whole world to see because she hasn't discovered Direct Messaging. The next minute, your short little video that you deemed "an act of boredom" has captured an entire nation.

That's what happened for one Bexar County Sheriff.

Alexander Mena is a deputy in Bexar County, Texas. Although not the most talented singer in the department, he does have a way with lip syncing (which, as anyone knows, is an art form in and of itself). The squad got a hold of his latest video lip syncing to "Fuiste Mala" by Kumbia Kings and posted it on the Facebook page.

In less than one month, it has blown up.

After 1.4 million views and thousands of shares, it's safe to say that Alexander is a little social media sensation. His video has also sparked a lip sync battle among other officers in the state of Texas and even a few cities across the nation. My personal favorite is the K9 unit in Houston singing "Who Let the Dogs Out?".

I think we all know the next step after social media fame... It's The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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