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Well, it looks like wearing a face mask is going to a much less temporary fact of life than we would like it to be.  For the foreseeable future, these face-coverings will be as necessary as shoes and shirts if one wishes to procure services and/or goods anywhere in the immediate vicinity (pretty much the whole country).

While I am all about wearing a mask myself (but, honestly a bit less sure about the governments ability to force me to do so), I have to admit that it sucks.  I don't have any breathing issues, but I kinda feel like it when I wear one.  There are other issues, too:  Skin irritation, anxiety, and more - but at the end of the day, I feel like it's necessary to protect others from the virus.

If I'm right, than I might save someone's life - which basically makes me a superhero.  If I'm wrong, than the worst thing to happen are the things on the list below - but never fear, citizen!  I have also included remedies to each and every one so that you too can save the day!

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