Maybe I sound like a procrastinator, but I think it would help us all.

Happy New Year! I know, I know that was so last week. I've got to be honest with you though, I'm struggling a bit here. We rang in the New Year on a Monday night, which meant we probably didn't work on Tuesday either. With that being the case, the rest of the work week didn't even feel like work. And now we've got the weekend, which only adds to these feelings of being in "vacation mode."

So it kind of feels like Monday is when we should really buckle down and "adult", right?

The short answer is yes. However, I'm feeling like when it comes to resolutions, we should just wait until the spring time. Seriously. Having to go cold turkey after the holidays is nearly impossible. We've gone from eating everything within out sight and now we're supposed to embrace this idea of por-tion con-trol.


What's worse is that this starts after we've stayed up past midnight. I don't know about you, but after ringing in the New Year, I just wanted a big cheeseburger, topped with hot wings, slathered in ranch dressing and topped with chili-cheese fries. #NotResolutionFriendly

And don't get me started on all of the sweets coming our way. Aside from Valentine's Day which is always a big kick in the rear in more ways than one, the Girl Scouts' cookie season is arriving shortly and many people enjoy Mardi Gras during these months. A holiday season that deep fried, tossed in sugar, and culminates in a day literally called "Fat Tuesday."

New Year, New Me just can't keep up.

So why not begin those resolutions when spring arrives? We would bypass some tempting holidays and even see some warmer temperatures. I think I would be more motivated to get my rear in gear if I knew that I would have to shed the safety blanket that is my sweatpants on a regular basis. Besides, watching the flowers bloom and the animals frolic about makes me want to get myself outside to do the same.

Wouldn't you agree? Even though a "new year" is the ultimate clean slate, we just find ourselves getting more frustrated than anything else. Do you think resolutions would stick if we delayed them to a more ideal start time? Or do you think I'm making excused for the resolutions I've already broken?

On second thought, let's ignore that last question...

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