What happens when something you truly love goes away? You start a petition to get it back of course. That is exactly what is happening with the last ever Popeyes buffet.

Remember When Penn State Students Were So Distraught That Their Local Taco Bell Suddenly Shut Down?

They went as far as holding a candlelight vigil outside of their local Taco Bell in early March of 2020. Over 100 students showed up and left flowers and they even sang "Amazing Grace,". According to Insider.com, some students gave "touching" speeches about how Taco Bell had been there for them.

Unfortunately for these Penn students, the local Taco Bell never reopened. So if a vigil doesn't work, will a petition work?


Burger King Parent Restaurants International Acquires Popeyes For $1.8 Billion
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What Can Lafayette Do About the Last Popeyes Buffet Closing?

Earlier this week, we found out that the last Popeyes buffet in the world closed its doors. The Pinhook Road location was the last of its kind, I mean where else can you enjoy all-you-can-eat fried chicken, bis taters, and biscuits for less than $12? Why is this location closing? According to several reports, COVID-19 is to blame.

The news of Popeyes closing has sent a lot of Louisiana residents to sign a petition online, hoping that this buffet makes a comeback.

So far this petition on Change.org has garnered over 3,000 signatures and they're well on their way to hitting 5,000 supporters.

Here is what the petition says:

"It has been reported that the last Popeyes Buffet, located in Lafayette, LA, has been permanently closed, denying the world delicious chicken and sides of their choosing. We the people request that the last Popeyes buffet be reopened, to serve as a beacon of hope for fried chicken lovers everywhere. Popeyes, reopen the buffet!"

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