Today, I stumbled across so many cool Shreveport postcards from back in the day. If you love Shreveport, this gallery is for you!

One thing I've always loved about growing up and living in Shreveport all of my life is our town's unbelievably rich history. So, if you're a Shreveport history buff like me, there's seemingly an endless supply of content for us to dig our teeth into.

Just a few months ago, I learned that Shreveport's fairgrounds was once home to a NASCAR race track. That absolutely blew my mind, since i had never heard that before. Another awesome piece of Shreveport's history revolves around the Louisiana Hayride, which was pretty much the Grand ole Opry of those days. Anyone who wanted to be anyone in the world of music had to not only play at Shreveport's Louisiana Hayride, but they had to perform well. One of the most quoted phrases in music history originated in shreveport at the Louisiana Hayride, as the announcer shouted to concert-goers that, "Elvis has left the building", in order to get the raucous crowd to stop chanting his name.

I could go on and on about cool and intersting facts from Shreveport's history.

Today, I was randomly on eBay and decided to search for "Shreveport" just to see what would come up. To my surprise, I instantly stumbled across hundreds of vintage Shreveport post cards. It was extremely interesting to me, as some of these postcards are dated all the way back to the 1910's!


Collection of Vintage Shreveport Postcards

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