I probably need to clarify that headline for a few of you. No, COVID-19 is not making the sick and infirmed dream of becoming large flightless birds. The virus is however sparking a lot of interest in visiting a country that I found to be quite inviting. That country is New Zealand.

When I visited New Zealand a few years ago, it was because I was on an adventure to explore that part of the world. I found the Kiwis, the nickname New Zealanders choose over being called New Zealanders, to be more than friendly, quite accomodating, and really darn serious about protecting who and what can enter their nation.

The reason so many Americans are looking into not only visiting New Zealand but moving there is quite simple. New Zealand has defeated the coronavirus. Yeah, that's what happens when the government follows the lead of science and medicine instead of trying to spin reality into political capital.

The island nation is currently reporting only 23 active cases of the disease. All of the infected are in managed isolation. They've also reported just 23 deaths during the entire pandemic. Maybe that's why New Zealand is looking like such a great escape to COVID weary residents of the United States.

There's a report online that Americans are visiting the New Zealand Immigration site at a clip that equates to a visit every:30 seconds. Those who visit are inquiring about requirements to move there. I can tell you the requirements to just visit there are strict, I can only imagine what kind of story you'd have to tell to be allowed to stay for more than just a few weeks.

I can say this about New Zealand if you do go or decide to move there you better learn to love sheep. They have a lot of those there oh and you might want to practice on your Haka too because you'll be needing one of those as well.


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