According to a new study, chocolate might be a better cough suppressant than actual cough medicine.

All you choco-holics will love this, researchers in England took over 160 people with coughs and either gave them cough medicine with codeine, or a chocolate-based medicine called "Rococo."

I had a cough for the whole week last week, wish I would've known about this, geez!

A few days later the people taking the chocolate-based medicine reported a significant reduction in their cough compared to the people taking the medicine.

A previous study found it might have to do with a certain alkaloid in chocolate that works as a cough suppressant.

Chocolate heap

So go buy that extra large Hersey Kisses bag, because the researchers say that sucking on a piece of chocolate can help too.

Things like hot chocolate and chocolate milk don't work as well though, because they don't come into contact with your throat for very long.

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