The Weekly World News tabloid has just dropped a completely credible bombshell news story, reporting that "deep in the bayou of Louisiana a strange creature has been found – one that was once human!"

That's right, according to the Weekly World News this "Manigator" was recently spotted in St. Martinville by Sheriff Jasper Austin and his Deputy "Punchy". The report says "Punchy" fired at the beast and "It gave out a scream and slithered back into the bayou."

A couple of weird things going on here, and I'm not even talking about the alligator man.

First, according to last weekend's election results, the newly-elected Sheriff of St. Martin Parish is Becket Breaux, not "Jasper Austin".

The second weird thing is the picture of "Sheriff Jasper Austin" is actually a photo of Clay Higgins. Legally I can't share the picture with you due to copyright infringement but I'll give you a link to their story in a minute.

Maybe I'm just getting caught up in the details here. Let's talk more about this "Manigator" shall we?

“It wasn’t the first time I’d heard such nonsense about these critters.The past few years, all over the county, I’d been hearing about a man-alligator poaching chickens and the like. Even the Choctaw Indians have a legend about alligator people. After we dropped the boys off, Punchy and I decided to investigate and put those crazy rumors to bed once and for all.” 

He's been hearing about these critters all over the County y'all!

To see an artist's rendering of this terrifying "Manigator" and to read more about this story, please do yourself a favor and head over to


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