So last night, I'm hoping I started the beginnings of a new, healthier life style. Truth is, it's been almost 17 hours since I've had a cigarette and that's pretty darn cool... and no one has been harmed so far in the process! That's always been one of my fears... me turning into an (even worse) petty, little shrew. Of course, there is some freedom in telling people exactly what you think when you're thinking it... Ahhhh.... Nevermind, no good can come from that. I think I'll stick with what Craig Burnham got started for me last night.

I went to hypnotherapy. It was a combined session for both smoking cessation and weight loss. Lord knows, I need both! That's my other fear, that I'll balloon up even bigger by quitting smoking. Oh yeah, and losing my radio voice, but that's fodder for a whole new blog. So, I was expecting the whole peace and zen type of approach, but Craig is a straight shooter. He explained the process we were getting ready to go through, answered questions, gave his background and experience and shared some success stories.

Then we got down to brass tacks. We talked about how tobacco is harvested. We talked about how it's not washed... ever. We talked about how it's left exposed to rodents and birds... and their waste products. We talked about the snap or crackle you hear when you smoke a cigarette and that it's not a stem or a seed... it's more like a piece of a rat's ass. Graphic? Yes. Needed? You bet! Did you know cigarettes and Raid have the same main ingredients? That blew me away. One just kills bugs and the other kills people. We talked about 6 out of 8 smokers living a shorter than average life span. Then we were hypnotized. I didn't fall asleep or anything like that. I was just incredibly relaxed. I got into my car and didn't reach for a cigarette. I made it all the way from West Shreveport to Haughton without a cigarette. When I got home I had swiss cheese, a few pieces of deli ham and a hand full of white cheddar Cheez-its for dinner... with WATER! No Diet Dr. Pepper. Oh! How I love some Diet Dr. Pepper! But I didn't  even feel like I wanted any. This morning I usually would have got up, let the dogs out and smoked a cigarette while I heated up a few Toaster Scramblers in the microwave. Today it was easy to throw a multi-grain bagel in the toaster and top it with a smidge of margarine and honey along with a cup of strawberry apple sauce. What the heck is wrong with me?!?!?! I then got on my stationary bike and rode for about 10 minutes. So here's the deal, he either did something right, or I'm behaving totally out of character. I guess time will tell. I just hope the death toll isn't too high...

Craig Burnham Seminars