Politics is a brutal way to make a living no matter where you ply the trade. It doesn't matter if your plan is to sit in the Oval Office of the White House, hang at the Governor's Mansion in Baton Rouge, or just occupy a seat on your local school board. If you "play politics" you will get your hands dirty.

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Governor John Bel Edwards is a politician. Let's make no mistake about that but the members of the Louisiana House of Representatives and the Louisiana Senate are politicians too. Judging by the way the recent veto override session of the legislature went, you'd have to draw the conclusion that Governor Edwards is way better at politics than any of the Republican leadership of the legislative branch.

Speaking of the recently concluded and absolutely embarrassing veto override session, there have been rumblings from some Republican members of the legislature and some conservative activists who are complaining that Governor Edwards pressured lawmakers into "seeing things his way"


DUH!  Do they not know how politics works?

As for those comments that seem to suggest Governor Edwards was strong-arming elected officials about not supporting a veto override, the Governor appeared to have offered a little metaphorical cheese to go with all of that "whine'.

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Governor Edwards told AP Reporter Melinda Deslatte as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network when asked about pressuring lawmakers for their support,

I suspect I used all those that were at my disposal that previous Governors have used and that they were using downstairs themselves, you want to take politics out of politics?


I do believe the Governor just "called the kettle black" in that statement.

I’m not here because I wanted to be here, this session did not happen because I asked for it. Ask those Republicans that gave you that what was happening on their side today.

The Governor, in the LRN piece that was published on their website, did explain that his method for encouraging legislators to not support the override was "light on threats, not so light on promises".

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Maybe John Bel Edwards is just a better politician than those in the legislature. It certainly seems that way. And it does appear as if Republican leadership has recognized their weaknesses and apparently are addressing the situation quickly. 

Meanwhile, every one of Governor Edwards's 28 vetoes will stand. Perhaps those who stand in opposition to the Governor and his policies can take a few months to collect their breath, lick their wounds, and learn how politics works.

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