When Summer came to a close, I decided to put my Summer clothes away, and replace them with my Winter ones. I guess I was trying to act on the relief from the heat... I don't know, but for some reason, putting my clothes in a storage facility in another town that I do NOT have a key to, seemed like a good idea at the time.

Although December and January were for the most part mild, I had hope that February would be cooler. Not that I like cooler weather, but it's just every February, we seem to have an ice or snow storm that causes every road in town to close and we all huddle up in a corner with a bunch of frozen water that we bought every store in town, out of.

Mardi Gras parade day was freezing and rainy. But just to leave 70 degree temps for every other day.

I don't understand.

The worst part is, that we have been planning this epic move for months, and we had timed it out to move around NOW, with the idea that it would still be cold enough to use the heater in the new house (that works perfectly) and give us a little time to better insulate the house before putting the air in.

I'm using air NOW.

I'm changing my middle name to Fail.