Last Friday night, I finally had a chance to break out and see what Friday Night Lights was all about. I joined Daniel Payne and we hit the road for the winning schools/games. We went to Haughton for Haughton vs. Byrd and Benton for Benton vs. Huntington. Talk about a humbling experience. As Daniel and I are getting ready to leave the Benton football stadium, this super cute girl named Julie asked for a picture. Little did I  know she didn't want ME in the picture, she wanted me to TAKE a picture of her with Daniel. SMH Yeah, I get the fact that Daniel is all ripped up and stuff but come on! I've been voted one of the top DJ's in the SBC for years... Oh... Yeah... For years... and Daniel is a ripped up MMA fighter who was on MTV. I see how this is going to be:) lol Like I said, humbling!