Lots of talk has been going on about how hungry kids are by not getting enough calories with school lunches. According to USDA's 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, active teenagers should be getting calories between 1800-2400 for females and 2000-3200 for males depending on their ages.

A program implemented in 2010 has school lunches with a caloric intake of about 850 calories. The foods are "hard sell" items like black bean soup, hummus and feta cheese. Now, I personally love those things now, but when I was in school, I HATED them. So, you can imagine that if children DO want to pay almost $3.00 to eat school lunch, actually DO eat these foods and get 850 calories, they would STILL be hungry and tired.

This is causing quite a big stir and controversy especially since it's election time. The school that put this video together, wasn't trying to bash anyone, they were simply trying to make a point and use a song that we all love... Fun.- "We Are Young" Enjoy their funny protest against school lunches.

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