Yesterday I got the chance to check out the trailer for the Conjuring sequel The Nun. While watching it I legitimately got scared. I immediately thought "I have to share this experience with Krystal".

Krystal works on one of our sister stations and down the hall from me and absolutely hates anything creepy and scary. Usually we have a lot of things in common, but we are total opposites when it comes to this topic. I love all things creepy and scary. So I filmed her reaction to the trailer. Watch it below.

The movie comes out in September and I can not wait! I have already been told that she will not go see it with me, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will change her mind. I still have a few months to persuade her. If you haven't seen the trailer yet. Check it out in the video below. Beware! Don't watch it alone or in the dark.