If you're a fan of the hit show "American Pickers" and you have a thing or two to sell, this is for you!

Pickers has to be one of my favorite shows on television. Naturally, since the show airs on the History Channel, the episodes tend to revolve around historic finds with facts to go along with them. I think that's why I love it so much, along with Pawn Stars. You get to be entertained and learn a thing or two at the same time.

The TV show will be coming to Louisiana in December. They also announced they'll be stopping in Arkansas as well!

Before they come on down to our neck of the woods, they are currently scouting for leads. If you or anyone you know has a unique collection, or a stockpile of junk, this might be a true opportunity to turn trash into cash baby!

If you need information, check out the embedded Facebook post below!