How to put yourself $300,000 in debt within the blink of an eye.

This guy, my friends, is no genius. In today's world, we see anyone and everyone do literally anything just to get a few views or Instagram likes. Everyone wants to go viral, and they'll do just about anything to do it.

This guy, though, will have to pay a mighty price in exchange for his viral video.

All I gotta say is, let's keep this guy far, far away from the Downtown Shreveport Rooster new the Shreveport municipal.

In the video, shot in New Zealand, we see a man climb a $300,000 pole-like sculpture near the water. Naturally, this thing ain't designed to carry the weight of a grown man, so it obviously snaps at the base. The pole even hit the guy on the head on it's way down, fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how bad you hate him at this point) the guy wsn't hurt.

No word yet on exactly what his punishment will be.

Check it out!


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