Date nights are special! They help to keep the fire alive and give you a chance to share a great meal together without the distractions of kids, cell phones, Facebook, etc... If you're anything like my husband Keith and I, it's a chance to actually talk and catch up in more than what amounts to quick 'status updates!'

I've chosen these particular restaurants because I have personally sampled them all. I like the atmosphere and they represent a wide range of price points. I didn't include some of my other favorites like 2 John's, The Cub, The Oyster Bar or either of the Superiors because of the amount of socializing involved. If it's date night, I want to focus on my man!

So if you looking for some good date night restaurant ideas, try some of these right here in the Shreveport/Bossier area. I promise, they won't disappoint!

1. The Village Grille, 1313 Louisiana Avenue, Shreveport
This restaurant is the epitome of intimate... In fact, I've been there when the lighting was so low we had to use a pen light to look at the menu! The wine list is incredible and the visual menu is a nice touch! Plus, you can finish up your meal with their signature Snow Bear!

2. Bella Fresca, 6307 Line Avenue, Shreveport
Bella Fresca has some of the best service in town and a fantastic wine list! I personally recommend the trout or the shrimp remoulade!

3. Mabry House, 1540 Irving Place, Shreveport
Steve and Ginger at Mabry House are the ultimate hosts! If you ever get the chance, carve out several hours and take advantage of their chef's table experience. It's nine courses with nine wine pairings.

4. Monjunis Italian Cafe and Grocery, 1315 Louisiana Avenue, Shreveport
I have friends who come in from out of town just to go to the Monjunis on Louisiana Avenue. I love the food and the atmosphere! There's something about the old school Italian decor that makes you feel right at home. My personal recommendations include the Shrimp Aurora and the Curry Chicken Salad.

5. Ernest's Orleans Restaurant, 1601 Spring Street, Shreveport
Ernest and Tina Palmisano demand excellence and you can taste it in every bite of every dish on the menu! Plus, they have AMAZING marinated crab claws! The service is second to none with many of the staff having been there for years!

Do you have another restaurant you'd like to see on our list? Let us know in the comment section below!