Let's face it... Did anyone out there NOT see this coming?

A few weeks ago, i was challenged to a bowling match by my good friend, TV and Radio legend, Tim Fletcher. I like Tim, so it was difficult for me to accept his challenge knowing that I would absolutely crush him on the lanes.

In an attempt to make things as close as possible for my buddy, I generously offered him a 175-pin advantage over our three-game match. Basically, whoever knocks down the most pins in three matches wins, and before he rolled a ball he already knocked down 175 pins.

Folks, this one wasn't even close.

I started the night by demoralizing him in game number one, winning by over 50 pins. I needed to win each game by 58 pins, though, so at this point, I was behind track.

So for the second game, I had to hit him with the Pete Weber "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I AM!" I believe I rolled a 208 that game, while he came with a 91.

Heading into the third game, I needed to win by 27 pins to secure the match. Naturally, I started that game off by bowling with a full beer in my hand, bombing a strike, then chugging the beer. That's what champions do. I wasn't done, though, as in the next frame I decided to bowl from the seating area, which of course resulted in another strike. It was all over at that point.

If you care enough to watch an hour of amateur bowling, my friend Patrick Netherton broadcasted the evening on Facebook, which you can see below.



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