For those unaware, I've recently taken on magic. I do card tricks for grown ups all the time, but when I tried a trick on my 5-year-old, she saw right through it.

Let's get this straight, I whole-heartedly consider myself a part-time radio DJ and a full-time magician. Granted, my tricks are only card tricks and only the ones that involve little-to-no slight of hand, but hey that's magic too.

Around the office it's became kind of a joke because I can never seem to do a trick perfectly with coworkers. I guess I get nervous around entertainers and can't seem to get the job done.

So I learned a new trick called a "Snap Change" and wanted to try it out on a child to boost my own morale. The only problem is my daughter, River, is smarter than most grown ups I know.

She knew exactly what I was doing and capped it off by throwing the cards in my face.

Back to the magic drawing board I guess...