I took the girls to see Paw Patrol Live last night, and here's what we thought of the show.

For those who don't know, I have two wonderful daughters, River and Rosie. River is seven and Rosie is four, so I have quite a few years of children shows at the CenturyLink Center. I try to take them to every show that's kid-friendly that rolls through town, and last night, we were able to add Paw Patrol Live to that list.

My oldest daughter never really got into Paw Patrol, while my youngest is a huge fan. I was a little nervous going in knowing that my oldest might not be interested, and I was worried my youngest would be disappointed to see that they weren't actual living, dancing, and singing dogs on stage. Boy was AI wrong. From the kiddos' perspective, the show was an absolute blast. I watched their faces light up for an hour and half as they were completely glued and into the show. Anyone with kids knows that's certainly not always the case.

They enjoyed the show and never seemed bored at all. They are both extremely shy, but the wonderful cast does such a great job, by the end of the show my girls were screaming on cue which is very much out of their comfort zone.

I highly recommend seeing Paw Patrol Live if it ever comes back here or to a city near you!

Now, get excited and ready to see Trolls Live at the CenturyLink Center in February of 2020!


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