Better later than never, let's dive into the world of Fall Guys.

Earlier in 2020, Fall Guys dropped on Playstation and quickly became one of the most popular games of the year. The success of the game is a surprise, to say the least, seeing as it's quite different than any other battle royale on the market.

In a world where the Call of Duties and Fortnites are running the show, who would have thought a simpler, more playful battle royale could take center stage?

Granted, the height of Fall Guys was probably around four months ago or so, but it's still just as fun as ever.

Like most games I develop an interest in, I first saw Fall Guys whenever a lot of the top streamers were diving in. At first, I didn't really feel like it was a game for me, because it's absolutely unlike anything I've ever played.

Fall Guys plays more like a game show, featuring 60 contestants competing through difficult stages to simply make the cut to make it to the next round. When it's all said and done, only one winner is standing, and let me tell you, the thrill of winning a Fall Guys show is right up there with a PUBG chicken dinner or a Fortnite victory royale. The beauty of this game is that it's absolutely simple and pure, youthful joy.

This is a fun game, although I'm not sure how long I'd be able to play it and still have a good time, due to its repetitiveness.






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