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I get that we are all tired of being shut-ins.  OK, maybe not all of us.  Lots of introverts and those with introverted tendencies are in their prime right now - but their are limits even in those situations.  That being said, the latest mandates in Louisiana are pretty clear - wear your masks.  If you work in a place that is allowed to be open (even with some restrictions) and you violate the rules put in place as part of our states "Phase 2" guidelines - you could get shut down.

In fact, the current rules state that (since July 13th) both customers and employees of businesses that are open to the public are required to wear masks, reduce capacity, and more.  Businesses that are not in compliance risk being cited by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office.

KEEL News obtained a list of nearly 700 Louisiana businesses have failed inspections since last month.  Most of those are bars and restaurants who were visited after flaunting Governor John Bel Edwards "Open Safely" mandates.  Officials seem to be giving business owners a break, as they don't shut a place down until they have received 3 citations.

So far, out of 5,000 inspections conducted by the state, 698 have failed in the last month.  14 businesses failed a second time, and will get one more chance before they have to close up shop.  According to the report, 4 businesses received their 3rd and citation and have been forced to lock their doors.  They are: Sand Dollar Tiki Bar on Grand Isle, Pelican Pub in Gonzales, Frosty Factory in Lake Charles and Wo-de's Chill Spot in Harvey.  A hearing is scheduled later this week to address these closures.

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