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Even when there is no crisis at all, blood donations almost always under the level necessary to maintain a good reserve.  When there is a crisis (like we are currently living under) we face a two-fold issue.  The demand for blood in hospitals and emergency rooms goes up, and people willing to donated goes down.

In an effort to combat this deficit, LifeShare Blood Center is offering to make your dreams come true!  According to KLFY, the blood experts will give each and every qualified donor who gives the gift of life between now and January 6th a free ticket for the next Powerball or Mega Millions drawing.  In case you were wondering, the jackpots are $410 million and $432 million respectively.

If you'd like to cash in on this deal, or just want to save lives by donating blood  - check out the official schedule of blood drives coming to an area near you by clicking here.  In case you're still on the fence about giving - just know this.  According to the American Red Cross, on average each pint of donated blood saves three lives.

There you have it, it's time for you to step up and save lives like a superhero.  You could even get rich and famous in the process.

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