Here in Louisiana, we have sharp minds, but according to this study, we aren't that innovative.

Two weeks, two disappointing rankings for our state. Last week a study was released that shows Louisiana is the most obese in the country. Of course, i had an answer for that one, it's because our food is so dang good down here!

For this one, I really don't have much of a solution.

A new study by Digital Third Coast took a look at patents filed within each state over the past five years. From by observation, it looks like patents filed are the only criteria they looked at. Their finding were disappointing not only for Louisiana, but also our neighboring states.

They found that Louisiana filed the 5th lowest number of patents over the last five years. It also showed that Arkansas sits just behind Louisiana, and Mississippi coming in dead last.

What do you think? Are we really that bad when it comes to innovation?