The rest of the world can debate the seriousness of COVID-19 and how it should or should not affect our day to day life. All I can say is this, based on what I am hearing I don't want to get the virus and I don't want anyone like you to get the virus because it sounds like it's a really nasty bug no matter what your physical condition happens to be.

LSU Senior Linebacker Travez Moore can tell you about COVID-19. He had it. He is in pretty good shape. He seems to suggest via social media that the disease still kicked his butt pretty hard.

This is coming from a college athlete in prime physical condition. I can only imagine how tough the disease would be on a doughy fat old man such as myself. Let's hope we don't get to find that out.

Meanwhile, Moore and his teammates are unofficially gearing up for the 2020 football season. It will be an interesting season, to say the least with SEC schools opting to play a conference only schedule. LSU's first official fall practice has now been set for August 17th. However, strength and conditioning drills, team meetings, and walkthroughs can begin on August 7th. The Tigers' first game is set for September 26th.


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