On Sunday, March 22, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that as of 5 p.m. on Monday, March 23, the state of Louisiana would be under a stay at home order unless their business was deemed necessary by state government.

The Governor made the decision based on guidance from federal officials about projections of how COVID-19 infection would affect the population of the state of Louisiana, and how those infections could overwhelm Louisiana's hospital system.

To say that times were strange then is an understatement of massive proportion. Lives were turned upside down by fear of a virus that had swept through parts of Europe with devastating consequences.

Today, the projection of the amount of COVID-19 infections that were expected, are up for serious debate as many contend that the numbers were overblown.

Thankfully, the state of Louisiana, while were were in the top three of COVID-19 infections for many weeks, we did not have to deal with an overrun of the state's hospitals. It was a close call for about a week and half, but thankfully the federal government and state government were able to come through with more equipment.

Mitigation efforts against the spread of the virus are also thought to have prevented more infections among the Louisiana population according to medical officials in Louisiana.

Now, for the state of Louisiana, many people continue to try to pick up the pieces of their lives. Many business owners admit they are teetering on bankruptcy, and for those people who can't pay the bills, it's been devastating.

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