A few months back, many Louisianans expected marijuana to be legalized this year. Now, that's not happening, at least not yet.

The Louisiana House has rejected a bill that would essentially set the tax rate for recreational marijuana in the state of Louisiana. It wasn't even close, in reality, meaning we're most likely nowhere close to the full-on legalization of recreational weed. When all of the votes were cast, the results were 47-48 against. The legislation would need a 2/3rds approval to pass and move on, or 70 votes for YES.

So, unless those in support of this bill can find a way to flip 23 votes in an upcoming legislative session, don't expect Louisiana to join the many other states profiting off of recreational marijuana.

The Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association were major opponents of the bill. They believe if it passes, and weed becomes legal in our state, it would lead to a big spike in traffic accidents and crime in general.

Thibodaux Representative Brian Fontenot also strongly opposed this bill. He says, "Form a study group, have the Sheriff's association and economist study where the money should go, this is not the answer."

Mandeville Representative Richard Nelson defended his legislation by responding, “So we can have a study, we all love studies, we love doing nothing and talking about it. This sets up a tax, this allows us to take that revenue that is going to the drug dealers and the drug cartels, and we can use it.”

What are your thoughts? Should marijuana be legalized once and for all in Louisiana?



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