I was doing my normal stroll through Geek.com which is where I like to get my news about all things awesome and interesting. There was an article about a new game coming out for the PS4 that my boyfriend has been talking on and on about lately. There was also an article about how everyone is going to die because the Earth is reversing it's magnetic field. You know, the normal stuff. Then I saw it! This story grabbed my attention with a bloody inhaler.

An article written by rallo that was titled 'Breathless’ Pat Shand Discusses Adventure And Horror in New Graphic Novel. 

The graphic novel is about this Cryptozoologist with asthma who finds the cure for asthma and then gets targeted by "Big Pharm" for obvious reasons. My immediate thought was "Please, let it be a female lead with red hair!" Because if so, this story is about me- well sorta. Not really, but I wish.

The reason why I am so excited about a hero with asthma is because I have asthma. I have grown up with it my whole life, and I have seen my ailment as a weakness. Even as a child I hated having attacks. I felt embarrassed and didn't want to tell anyone or carry my inhaler. I was ashamed of it, but characters like this will help change this view for kids who suffer from asthma on a regular basis.


Turns out the main character is a dude. Oh well, I am sure it will still be a good graphic novel. (I will keep my fingers crossed for red hair.) The story is described as being similar to Buffy. Where there is a supernatural element and also hits on normal human issues like love and such. I can't wait for this to come out.

Breathless, is slated to come out early next year through Black Mask Studios, according to Geek.com.