If you missed the last Saharan dust cloud performance in the skies over Louisiana, don't worry!  The sandy atmospheric phenomenon is set to make an encore performance this weekend - and it could be good news.

Right now, the dust cloud is over Florida, but forecasters from KPLC predict it will be over Louisiana by this weekend.   Luckily, this time there is quite a bit of rain in the forecast for this weekend as well.  That could lessen the effects a lot of Louisiana residents endured last time we got dusted.  The rain should knock a good portion of the offending sand particles down, and drastically improve the air quality.  The dust could also help cool us down by reflecting some of the suns punishing rays back into space (instead of directly on us).

There's more good news, meteorologists say that the dust clouds have also helped keep tropical storms from gaining enough traction to become even more dangerous storms as in previous years.  Plus, we could see some incredible sunsets (if the weather allows).

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