Marvel’s New Warriors television project was cancelled before it could ever reach the screen, but for the first time ever, we have a glimpse of what Squirrel Girl would have looked like in the live-action show. Kevin Biegel, the would-be showrunner for Freeform's New Warriors series, recently took to Twitter to reveal why the show was cancelled. He also shared a few behind-the-scenes images that depict Milana Vayntrub in costume as Squirrel Girl.

Biegel’s tweets have since been deleted, but according to ScreenRant, he cited the project's dead end as the work of “1 exec.” This executive producer wasn’t on board with the show, and the 10-episode series was scrapped. The photos and video of Squirrel Girl have since been reposted on Twitter. Check them out for yourself below:

Squirrel Girl, also known as Doreen Allene Green, first originated in the Marvel Comics in 1991, and has since then appeared in multiple animated projects, including Ultimate Spider-Man, and various video games. Vayntrub voiced Squirrel Girl on Marvel Rising, so she was the obvious choice for the live-action role. This also made sense considering the New Warriors project was intended to directly tie into the MCU narrative. Biegel reportedly based Vayntrub's character on the artwork of Erica Henderson, who drew The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl for Marvel Comics.

Whether or not New Warriors will get another chance at becoming a fully fledged TV show is ultimately up to Disney, which now airs a majority of Marvel content on Disney+. But who knows? Fans have been instrumental in getting studios to take a second look at a project. If enough Squirrel Girl fans assemble, it might just happen.

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