Political Uncertainty Dampens UK Housing Market
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We've filled five houses with prominent Shreveport figures. Which house will you quarantine in?

We're all on lockdown, and let's face it, we're all going a little crazy. What if for purely hypothetical and fun purposes, we could go on lock-down with six unique and different people? Would that somehow make it any better? I bet with the right combination of music, food, and funny, it definitely could.

Earlier today on our K945 Facebook, we decided we would give our listeners that chance!

We created five virtual houses and randomly gave each house six local celebrity-types. We have reality stars, musicians, athletes, news anchors, radio DJs, and basically anyone else who people probably know.

Your job is simple... Figure out which house you'd like to quarantine with!

It seems easy but each house offers a completely different and unique combination! Click the post below and tell us which house you'd like to stay in on our Facebook page!





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