I could not have more respect and admiration for teachers, especially after witnessing my first Zoom class.

We all can agree that virus or not, teachers deserve way more than they receive. They deserve more appreciation, respect, and yes, money. With the remaining school year hanging in the balance, teachers all over the Ark-La-Tex are trying their best to keep our little ones on track.

They are using Google Classrooms to hand out assignments, and my daughter is enjoying this strange process, thanks to her teacher for making it stressless on her.

Today was her first ever Zoom class. For those unaware, many teachers are leaning on the Zoom app to keep their classrooms together in a face-to-face type of way. The app allows the teacher and all of their students to meet at once, in live-time. As you can imagine, at least for my daughter and her 21 other 7-8 year old classmates, this was quite the class.

Imagine 22 little ones all face-timing each other all at once.

It was honestly a lot of fun, and my daughter loved seeing all of her friends again, and of course, loved seeing her teacher who she misses constantly. I'm so thankful for her teacher and  all other teachers in the Ark-La-Tex doing so much to make sure our kids are happy and educated during these uncertain times!

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