The state of Louisiana will be getting $31 million in grant money to be able to continue the response to Coronavirus.

Senator John Kennedy sits on the the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, and the money has been secured through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The millions will be used by the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness as they work to help respond to all the institutions in the state who are having to deal with the Coronavirus.

Kennedy says,

The federal and state governments are committed to doing whatever it takes to protect local communities from the Coronavirus-and doing it quickly. This $31 million grant could increase medical services and supplies for Louisiana communities in order to slow the spread of this disease and care fro those affected by the virus.

According to Kennedy, after the President declared a national emergency, funds became available under the Stafford Act.

Kennedy says there are multiple ways that the money could be spent including the following:

  • Health communications
  • Distribution of supplies
  • Medical sheltering
  • Emergency medical care