According to Huffington Post, North Carolina State University has a new class that allows students that discusses critical thinking with facts and information from historical fraud and mysteries.

This class would be right up my alley. If I were to attend this class I would be the most attentive student. Will they talk about aliens? I hope so!

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History professor Dr. Alicia McGill created a course called “Frauds and Mysteries in History,” which taught students a variety of tools and techniques for evaluating information and introduced critical thinking.

Seriously, will there be aliens?

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Dr. Alicia McGill told Carolyn Gregoire of Huffington Post that she “combined instruction on general concepts of logic and critical thinking as well as disciplinary tools from physical and social sciences and the humanities so students could develop a set of standard critical-thinking tools.”

The class isn't completely about conspiracies and mysteries, but to help build a legion of adults that are able to decide their own understanding and find truth with the facts they are given everyday. They will be able to understand what is "fake news".

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

Now the big question: Should this be something that all universities start to incorporate into their classes?


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