We hope some get the message.

Brian Lukas posted this photo from Jefferson Parish on Facebook and it has a very important message attached to it.

This replica of the Statue Of Liberty is located along Causeway Blvd. in Jefferson Parish, which by the way is a very busy roadway, and as you can see in the photo a mask has been put over the mouth of the statue.

The message is pretty simple here---WEAR YOUR MASK WHILE OUT IN PUBLIC. This part of the state has been a "hotbed" since the coronavirus pandemic started and now local officials are encouraging everyone to wear a mask while out in public.

I hope that the statue does act as a reminder for motorists driving past it. We live such fast-paced lives these days, we often need reminders throughout the day.

Whoever thought of this idea should be applauded. I love the effort here to remind people to protect themselves and others during this crazy time we're in.


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