Gerard Butler is hot... there's not doubt about that. And he's incredibly talented. And he's filming a movie right here in the SBC with Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel. Lot's of people are getting pictures with them all over town. I've heard they've been at Superior Grill, the Oyster Bar, Eastridge, the Blind Tiger, Tokyo and more... which kinda irks me because their social life is clearly better and more active than mine. But I'd like to remind you, there's more than one hot Gerard. Check out one of my celebrity/musical crushes... Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance!!!

Gerard Way

While I'm sure there are other hot Gerards... Gerard Ortiz and Gerardo come up on Google when you search, but Gerard Way is my number one Gerard... Even though our old GM here at K945 made me take his poster down because it scared people... I guess make up on men can be intimidating... I find it hot in his case. And yes, I know he's married... So am I. Haven't you ever heard of the list? lol

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