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Before you say it, I know it's only August, but we have to start talking about Halloween now. Also, I'm not the only one thinking about it at this point. Stores are already filling up with tons of candy, costumes, and decorations.

But we have to address the big ugly elephant in the room...COVID-19.

So far, 2020 has been completely derailed by the disease outbreak. Since March, we've seen everything from NCAA basketball to Fourth of July picnics shutdown because of the outbreak. And with a clear-cut ending to the shutdowns not coming until "they" feel like enough people have taken a vaccine, there's more at risk right now.

Which is why we need to talk about Halloween now, so we can come up with a plan before we lose it too. 

Here's what we need to start pushing to get answers for now:

  • Will Trick or Treating be allowed by cities?
  • What do we have to do safety-wise for them to allow Trick or Treating?
  • Can we come up with drive-thru Trick or Treating if we need to?
  • Would unattended candy bowls help with social distancing to allow kids to Trick or Treat?

There are probably more question the deeper we get into these topics, but these are the basics that we need to start talking about now. If we can form plans that fit into our current COVID-19 shutdowns, we can always relax them if we are allowed to move into the State of Louisiana's "Phase 3" by Halloween (we're currently in Phase 2).

So let's get the ball rolling. State and local leaders need to start helping to form plans for Halloween, and we need to be the ones to make sure that happens.



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