Let me just start off by saying FREE BRITNEY!

It's safe to say we have all come to the conclusion that Jamie Spears sucks. Could he be the most hated man in America? Possibly.

Why does everyone hate Britney Spears' father?

Well in short modern-day human trafficking. Britney Spears has been under a conservatorship. She lost her right to major life decisions in February of 2008. Imagine not being able to get married, not being able to drive yourself anywhere. Spears has been forced to take birth control and countless other medications against her will. Britney Spears has come out to say that she wants to have another child and she finally spoke out against her father. Spears claims that her dad is the biggest reason she has been suffering all these years.

We have all seen the love of power Jaime Spears has over the pop star.

The good news is that Mr.Spears is claiming that he will give up his conservatorship once there is a plan in place to which Britney replied that she will believe it when it happens. So no, we aren't holding our breath.

Why did a minor league baseball team have a "Free Britney" night?


What is the RoughRiders connection to Britney Spears? Shreveport, Louisiana!

 The Frisco RoughRiders are a Minor League Baseball team and the Double-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. The 'Riders weren't always in Texas. Back in 2001, the Shreveport SwampDragons, or what many knew as the Shreveport Captains were bought out. The former owner of the Texas Rangers decided to take the minor league team out of Shreveport, Louisiana and moved them to Frisco, Texas. Obviously, once the team was moved, the name was changed to the RoughRiders. 

Although you may think this Texan team is all about #FreeBritney it's a true Louisiana team not forgetting about the Queen of Louisiana!

Hey Mudbugs, how about a Free Britney night very soon?

Gimme More of #FreeBritney Night, please. pic.twitter.com/1JJvvSPFjC — Frisco RoughRiders (@RidersBaseball) August 6, 2021

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