My dog Olive was the only black Shorkie born in her litter so she sat around much longer than her littermates waiting for a home. I got her at a discounted price and she was perfect for me. We are approaching 11 years of adventure together and I can't picture any other dog child in my life right now.

It's crazy to think that the color of my dog's fur determined her price.

Did you know that black dogs are less likely to be adopted? For no other reason than the fact that they are black. It doesn't matter if they have the best personality or behavior, a dog's chances of being adopted dramatically decrease when they're black.

This breaks my heart, the sweetest dog I know is a rescue that is a black lab mix.

Krystal Montez

She's a thick girl who cuddles like no other and is a connoisseur of all the finest snacks my kitchen has to offer. Who could look past her in a shelter and think she wouldn't make the best dog ever just because of her coloring? How many dogs just like her have been overlooked and euthanized?

Luckily we now have a day that celebrates the most precious and at-risk dogs in the shelters.

National Black Dog Day lands on October 1st. The day serves as a reminder of "Black Dog Syndrome". According to The Spruce Pets it is also known as BDS, they described it as "A phenomenon in pet adoption in which black dogs are ignored in favor of light-colored ones". Keep in mind there are no other factors like behavior, size, breeding, personality, or age, the horrid phenomenon persists and will continue to until we all quit overlooking these pups at the shelter.

How do we celebrate National Black Dog Day?

The day is more of an encouragement to adopt a darker shaded dog. It's a day to get the word out and encourage people to adopt black dogs. All those pups who are getting left behind at the shelters or adoption centers, hang tight babies, we are coming for you!

Can't adopt a pup? Feel free to share some adoptable pups in our community.

Don't know where to look? I simplified the task for you. Just look at all of these precious babies needing homes right here in our community.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

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