I have been trying to find out why two men were caught brawling on the side of the road and so far I have nothing. Zilch. Nada. Maybe you have an idea? My first thought was someone called someone's gumbo bland. That is a reason to fight it out in Louisiana, right?

The brawl went down on the side of the road welcoming everyone to Houma.

It seems like these men took some notes from our favorite fights involving women.

You can see one guy who isn't just losing the fight but he seemed to have lost his shoes too you can spot his shoes in the background of the video. They are set out so nicely, maybe he took his shoes off before the fight?  

The video was first posted on TikTok but it didn't take long to make it on Twitter thanks to @JMoney223_. You can tell who is from Louisiana just by the replies on Twitter. Apparently, the location of the fight is well known to all Houma locals. Some Houma residents were proud that the men fighting didn't bring guns to a fistfight.  

We still have no idea what caused the fight but we are laughing at all the Twitter replies.

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