While the state of Louisiana is still cleaning up from the path of Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Tropical Depression Beryl, some are already looking ahead to the next storm. Which is already on the verge of becoming a meme.

The National Hurricane Center has been developing names for Atlantic storms since 1953. Every year they publish a new list of names for future years, and plan these out well in advance. Right now they have names set all the way through 2029. That means we already know the first named storm of the 2027 season will be Ana. We know the third storm in 2029 will be Cindy. Which also means we know what the next named storm will be this year...and its going to get Louisiana's attention really quickly.

The next named Atlantic storm will be called Chris by the National Hurricane Center. Meaning if it becomes hurricane strength at any point, it will be Hurricane Chris.

That means there would be a chance for Louisiana to be impacted by a hurricane that shares the same name as one of the state's most popular rap artist. Yes, we're talking about Shreveport native Hurricane Chris.

Hurricane Chris (the rapper, not the potential storm) grew up in Shreveport and attended Huntington High School. He went platinum with his debut single "A Bay Bay" in 2007, which was off his album 51/50 Ratchet. The music video for the song was filmed in Shreveport, and hit #1 on BET's 106 & Park. That music video closed the year as #3 on BET's Top 100 Videos countdown.

In 2020, Hurricane Chris (real name is Christopher Dooley) was indicted in Caddo Parish on murder charges. After a lengthy legal battle, Dooley was ultimately found not guilty on the charges in 2023.

UPDATE: Well, now that we set the stage, lets pull the carpet out from everyone. After I put this together, seems like a lot of the internet started paying attention to the opportunity to make Hurricane Chis memes. Which caught the attention of the Weather Channel, who informed us that "Hurricane" Chris already happened.

The Weather Channel pointed out that the storm named "Chris" developed while everyone was paying attention to Hurricane Beryl. They posted:

"With Beryl hogging so much attention, Chris apparently got missed by a lot of people: W​e noted an unusual amount of search activity this week around the term "Hurricane Chris", a storm that never was, and isn't coming - at least, not this year."

So yeah, "Hurricane Chris" has already come and gone.

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