Geek'd Con 2024 is quickly approaching. Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, is coming back to Downtown Shreveport this August. The 2024 Geek'd Con will take place August 16th, 17th, and 18th, at the Shreveport Convention Center.

Tickets for this year's Geek'd Con are available right now. You can get yours here.

The guest lineup will include horror movie icon Tony Todd, E.T. stars Henry Thomas and Dee Wallace, the voice of Master Chief Steve Downes, award winning actor Billy Zane, the voice of Mickey Mouse Bret Iwan, and many more incredibly talented celebrities.

With that said, one thing we've seen A LOT over the past couple weeks is "When can we start pre-ordering photos?" Well the answer is RIGHT NOW.

Our friends at Froggy's Photos put up the pre-order sheet for most guests. If you want to pre-order photo-ops with guests, just click HERE.

Now if you're not ready to pre-order photos just yet, but want to see how much everything is going to cost, below is the pricing. (NOTE: These are prices JUST for the pro photo-op. Your Geek'd Con tickets are not included in the price)

Tony Todd - $70
Billy Zane - $85
David Morrissey - $85
John C. McGinley - $80
Bret Iwan - $70
Steve Downes- $70
Henry Thomas - $85
Dee Wallace - $75
Mitch Pileggi - $85
Annabeth Gish - $75
Dana DeLorenzo - $70
Kerr Smith - $70
Efren Ramirez - $70
John Swasey - $60
Katelyn Barr - $60
Lindsay Seidel - $60
Cris George - $60
E.T. Duo with Henry Thomas and Dee Wallace - $135
X-Files Duo with Mitch Pileggi and Annabeth Gish - $135

Get your Pro-Photo Ops ordered now, and get your tickets to Geek'd Con as well!

Geek'd Con 2024 Guest Lineup

Geek'd Con is back for another fantastic year at the Shreveport Convention Center. On top of the regular Geek'd Con festivities, this year on the second floor we will debuting the Shreveport Sports Card Show - which will feature sports card vendors, memorabilia vendors and sports guests!

You can find the full line-up below. Tickets are on-sale now here.


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