I have tried it all. I mean, there is nothing that I have left off on my checklist of things that I can possibly do to get THAT smell out. Seriously, I have taken everything out of my fridge. When I tell you it's the best clean I have ever done I am not exaggerating. Still, the smell remains. What in the world can I do?

I took to Google "What can I do to get the stank out of my fridge?" please don't judge when it comes to my Google search skills. It turns out that the reason why my fridge stinks is that bacteria and molds have taken over even though I can't see them. Gross right? The odors thrive where there is moisture. How does our fridge get moisture? Condensation from the fridge, old food, and in the south, humidity from outside.

If you have had a stinky fridge and you don't know how to get the smell out, check this list out.

How to Get Rid of the Smell in Your Fridge

Please remember, if you have already tried the 4 ideas above it may be time to make that call. Yup, the service call. The odor could be coming from the drip pan underneath or even the water filter. In some rare cases, it can be there is a buildup inside the fridge's drainage system.

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