At this point, I think I'm going insane and I might gain 100 lbs.

Week two of my lockdown at the house has been quite boring. So boring in fact, I have done solo drinking three times, which I have never done before this lockdown. Never once in my life, have I drank anything alcoholic at home by myself. Yet, this quarantine has clearly pushed me to that point.

Granted, I wasn't just drinking to drink. I was doing a few rounds of YOLO on Snapchat and I figured it would spice things up if I drank a little bit... That led to this gem:

Outside of drunken YOLO's, I have watched A LOT of TV. I rewatched Breaking Bad all the way through. I have also watched all available episodes of Schitt's Creek, which I surprisingly liked.

Without a doubt, the highlight of my lockdown was my two full days with my baby girls. Easily the best part of my lockdown is being able to spend all day with my children. I used to dream about days like that, and I have enjoyed the days where I have them with me, hosting the show together, and playing Fortnite.

I also cannot stop eating.

Hopefully this next week is more exciting!

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