Michael Lohan’s had quite the week of shenanigans. He was arrested twice this week after first assaulting his ex-girlfriend Kate Major, and then violating his strict ‘no contact’ restraining orders following his release. And Michael made a big spectacle of himself the whole time. During his first arrest, he complained of chest pains and then tried escaping from the hospital. And on his second arrest, he attempted to run from the police by shimmying down a tree from his 3rd floor balcony, but he injured himself and ended back up in the hospital.  He is currently still in the hospital with a possible broken foot so he can’t escape this time… And there are guards keeping an eye on him too. But just like his daughter Lindsay, he is innocent! He was only contacting Kate because she played the pity card with him! He says that she called him up crying that she was getting evicted out of her apartment and she needed his help! He says that Kate completely set him up! But was he actually telling the truth? Kate has now been served with an eviction notice and has until the 1st to get out of her apartment because they are tired of all the negative publicity.

But Michael isn't completely innocent. According to the police report, he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time of his arrest.

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